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Office of Intellectual and Development Disabilities (OIDD)

MH/IDD Administrator: Janet M Dreitlein

IDD Deputy Administrator: Aleasha Redden-Revell

Administrative Entity (AE)

Who We Are

It is the policy of the Delaware County AE to monitor all service providers and Supports Coordination Organizations serving residents of Delaware County to ensure that they follow Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) guidelines. AE functions include intake and eligibility determination, provider relations, service authorization, systems coordination, quality management, incident management, and coordination of funding sources.

What We Do


How to register an individual diagnosed with an intellectual disability with the OIDD:

  1. Individuals with intellectual disabilities or the parents/guardian can contact the office at 610-713-2330 and ask for the Intake Specialist.
  2. In order to be eligible for services, an individual must be diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability and must present current documentation completed by a Licensed Psychologist or Certified School Psychologist that supports the diagnosis of an Intellectual Disability with standardized test information.
  3. Once eligibility is established by reviewing the documentation that was submitted, the family/individual will then be contacted to schedule a meeting with the Intake Specialist.
  4. After the intake meeting is completed the next step is to select a Supports Coordination Organization to coordinate supports and to assist the person with Intellectual Disabilities to maximize their potential to have an everyday life.
  5. Intellectual Disability services are provided only to the extent that funding is available. Therefore funding is not an entitlement.

Provider Relations

If you are interested in being a provider with ODP,
Go to www.HCSIS.state.pa.us
Click on provider access and follow the job aid prompts

Mandated Reporting

Suspected ABUSE or NEGLECT of people registered with the Delaware County OIDD can be reported by calling the Delaware County OIDD's main number: 610-713-2400. Appropriate follow-up by the Delaware County OIDD will occur.

ABUSE is defined as the allegation or actual occurrence of the infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, punishment, mental anguish, sexual abuse, or exploitation. Abuse is reported on from the victim's perspective.

NEGLECT is defined as the failure to obtain or provide the needed services and supports defined as necessary or otherwise required by law or regulation. This includes the failure to provide needed care such as shelter, food, clothing, personal hygiene, medical care, protection from health and safety hazards, attention and supervision, including leaving individuals unattended and other basic treatment necessities needed for development of physical, intellectual and emotional capacity and well- being. This includes acts that are intentional or unintentional regardless of the obvious occurrence of harm.

How to Contact

Phone:       610-713-2400

Address:    20 South 69th Street, 4th Floor
                   Upper Darby, PA 19082

Hours:        8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

After hours call the emergency on call service @ 484-326-6341

Email:        humanservices@delcohsa.org

County Holiday Calendar

AE Policy on Due Process and Fair Hearing Procedures

The Delaware County AE has procedures in place that adhere to ODP Bulletin 00-08-05

Individuals with and without Waiver Funding Have the Opportunity to Appeal

The appeals process starts with the Supports Coordinator. If an issue cannot be resolved by the team the issue will be brought to the attention of the AE. If a service is denied, terminated, suspended, or reduced, the AE will send a letter to the family/individual and issue an Advance notice indicating when the action will take place. The family/individual will need to decide if the issue will be appealed.

The family/individual has 30 days from the date on the notice to file the appeal. In order for services to continue as is the appeal must be filed within 10 days of the date of the notice. The appeal should be sent to the Appeals Coordinator indicated on the notice. The appeal request is sent to the Bureau of Hearing and Appeals Coordinator indicated on the notice. The appeal request is sent to the Bureau of Hearing and Appeals and all parties are eventually notified of the date of the scheduled hearing.

For additional information contact 610-713-2330 and ask to speak to the hearing's appeals officer.

Career Opportunities

Visit www.employment.pa.gov, click on Open Jobs to view available positions or register to take a test. For Civil Service employment information contact Philadelphia office 215-560-2253.

Contact Human Services Personnel at 610-891-4951 or 610-891-4417 with questions.