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Cultural Information

Pennsylvania Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs

Established by Executive Order 2015-10, the Governor's Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs is dedicated to ensuring that state government is accessible and accountable to the diverse Asian Pacific American communities in Pennsylvania.

The commission is composed of up to thirty volunteer members appointed by the governor for a term of two years.


The Korean Community Development Services Center

Established as a non-profit organization in 1985 with the goal of providing a comprehensive array of services for low to moderate income individuals and families. Serving a highly diverse community that is 47% African-American, 21% white, 18% Asian-American, 15% Hispanic, 8% other races, and 5% two or more races, we understand that the challenges will not only be difficult, but also abundant and unique.

Since the early 80's, we have helped thousands of individuals, families, and businesses in our community overcome a countless number of obstacles, whether it be purchasing a first home, facing foreclosure, becoming a certified technician, finding a quality childcare center, or assisting struggling businesses in obtaining more funding. A major factor behind our success is that we value the diversity not only found in our community but also found in our staff.

Currently we provide services in Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, and Cambodian. The age of staff members range from 23 to 80 years and come from all walks of life. Our team is composed of community members, immigrants, college graduates, PhDs, reverends, veterans, and artists. We find strength in diversity.


The Center for Hispanic Resources

The Center for Hispanic Resources was developed in response to the largely unmet needs of Spanish-speaking individuals in the Chester community. Its mission is to help local Hispanic residents learn about and obtain community resources. The Center for Hispanic Resources is a one-stop-shop that connects program participants and other individuals with a wide range of services, including case management, translation, appointment scheduling, health education, assistance with applications and agency referrals. El Centro, which is part of the women and children’s programs of The Foundation for Delaware County, is designed to meet a broad array of needs within the Hispanic population. The Foundation for Delaware County is located at 1510 Chester Pike in Eddystone, PA 19022. We are open every day using telehealth, virtual meetings, and telephone as access.

Interpretation and translation services also are available through several of the foundation’s other programs, including Cribs for Kids, Healthy Start, Nurse-Family Partnership and WIC.

How to Contact

The Foundation for Delaware County
Daisy Artiles-Strekis
1510 Chester Pike
Eddystone, PA 19022
Phone: 267-453-7289




Multicultural Family Services (MCFS)

The Multicultural Community Family Services, Inc. (MCFS) is a community based, not-for-profit organization located in Upper Darby, PA in Delaware County. MCFS was founded in 2003 to provide social, educational, and individualized support services to at-risk immigrant individuals, children, youth, and families. Today, MCFS provides educational, job readiness, behavioral health, prevention, recreation, and home care services to more than 700 individuals, youths, and families residing in Delaware and Philadelphia Counties.

The Multicultural Community Family Services (MCFS) has an 11year history of providing direct social services, educational support, counseling services, job readiness services and recreation services for children, youth, older adults, and families residing in Delaware and Philadelphia Counties. In 2011, MCFS created Attentive Home Care (AHC) to provide non-medical home care services to seniors, individuals with disabilities and those who need assistance with their activities of daily living. The MCFS staff collectively has over 38 years of experience providing direct and indirect services to individuals of all ages and families.

MCFS' outreach efforts in the community led to the development of educational programs which include adult literacy classes, GED classes, Citizenship classes and English as Second Language (ESL) classes; social advocacy for immigrant populations, youths and seniors; employment assistance (resume writing, job interviewing practice skills, and job referrals); recreational programs (Multicultural United Soccer Club and Building Bridges Cultural Ambassadors). MCFS also provides individual counseling, support group counseling and non-medical personal care assistance.

The Mission of MCFS

To empower individuals, children, youth, and families to gain a greater capacity to succeed in their communities.

MCFS fulfills its Vision and Mission Statements by providing services to over 1,000 immigrants, refugees and U.S. born citizens per year.

How to Contact

MCFS Upper Darby Office
7016 Terminal Square, Suite 1-A
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Phone: 484-461-8660

Email: info@mcfsorg.com


African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA)

Who we are

The African Cultural Alliance of North America Inc. (ACANA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ACANA serves African and Caribbean immigrants by providing access to social and legal services, community development programs, health services, organizing African arts and culture events, and an array of many other services.


ACANA's objectives are to not only assist new residents in their adjustment and resettlement, but to help them become active participants in their new environments. In doing so, ACANA strongly believes in working with people of all backgrounds to build a better community.


The mission of ACANA is to help refugees, immigrant families and all other residents of Philadelphia access legal, health and other social services with a special focus on women, children, youth, and the elderly in their resettlement process in Pennsylvania. ACANA also produces and presents African cultural performances and recording artists to create an awareness of African arts and culture. To this end, we strive to promote the preservation of cultural values as well as support artists' efforts to promote their own vocations in their new environment


ACANA was founded in 1999 by a group of African musicians who sought to help establish themselves in the United States as artists. By the early 2000s however, the organization expanded its goals to include providing social, health and legal services for the African immigrant and refugee community in Philadelphia. This expansion was due in large part to the influx of African refugees fleeing war in various West African countries, including Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. Today, ACANA provides a variety of services that encourage education, community development and integration while still preserving cultural values.

What We Do

ACANA provides a wide range of social, legal, health, and community development services that address many or most of the needs of newly arriving or underserved African and Caribbean immigrants. ACANA provides most of these services at low and sometimes no cost to the consumer. And although based in Philadelphia, ACANA has a small branch in Maryland and serves clients throughout the United States from California to Minnesota to Rhode Island and beyond.

Some of the services we offer include:

Health Services

Free health screenings and access to various low cost social and health services


Legal assistance and migration services


Community and business corridor development

Job Prep

Access to job training, preparation & assistance

Arts and Music

Recording studio services

Food Bank

Emergency food for needy or low income persons

Rental Services

Facility and hall rental

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture activities programming

Focus on the Youth

Youth arts programming

How to Contact

5530 Chester Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Phone: 215-729-8225
Email: acanaphila@gmail.com
Hours: Monday- Thursday 10-6:30pm
Saturday- Appointment only
Friday and Sunday- Closed

Irish Immigration Center of Philadelphia

The Irish Immigration Center was founded in 1998 to meet the needs of the Irish immigrant community in Philadelphia. While our work focuses on the most vulnerable members of our community, we also provide advice and support on a range of issues of interest to the Irish and immigrant communities in our region.

Our services fall under three main areas:

Supporting immigrants

  • Provide a range of information, advice, and referrals to Irish people on the U.S. immigration system, healthcare, housing, and other issues of interest to the Irish community in our region.
  • Run a legal clinic in partnership with the Brehon Law Society and Drexel Law School to provide free legal advice to our community.
  • Act as a trusted resource to Irish people who are new to the region.
  • Support the older Irish members of our community by hosting a variety of social and cultural events.

Promoting citizenship

  • Inform people on the benefits of dual citizenship, assisting eligible Irish-Americans to secure Irish citizenship and eligible Irish green card holders to become U.S. citizens.
  • Encourage people to be active citizens and contribute to their community.
  • Present programs that promote active citizenship, such as voter registration drives and census awareness.

Strengthening community

  • Act as a fiscal sponsor for eligible Irish organizations to help raise funds through grant applications, matching gifts, and tax-deductible donations.
  • Provide a range of start-up and ongoing support, including meeting space, for the development of Irish organizations in the region.
  • Partner with other organizations to promote events, share information and resources and foster a vibrant sense of community and Irish identity.
  • Educate people about U.S. and Irish immigration law and campaigns for a fair and equitable immigration system.
  • Conduct research to inform future development that will better serve the community.

How to Contact

7 South Cedar Lane
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Phone: 610-789-6355
Email: info@icphila.org
Monday to Friday by appointment

Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP)

The Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP) provides federally-funded services to refugees in accordance with federal statutes and regulations and the Commonwealth's State Plan.

Funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program provides a continuum of employment, educational, case management, health, and financial support services to newly arrived refugees in the Commonwealth.

Responsibility for the Refugee Resettlement Program rests with the State Refugee Coordinator, designated by the Secretary of Welfare. The Program is overseen by the PA Department of Public Welfare. Cash and Medical Assistance programs, administered by the Office of Income Maintenance, are coordinated with the delivery of employment, educational, aging and allied human services, administered by the Bureau of Employment and Training in the Office of Income Maintenance.

The Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program contracts with organizations located throughout the state to provide a wide variety of assistance to refugees.

Services include:

  • Employment Programs
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) programs
  • Targeted Assistance
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Citizenship Preparation courses
  • Asylee Outreach Project
  • Services to Older Refugees
  • Information Referral
  • Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program
  • Vocational ESL for Cuban and Haitian refugees
  • TANF employment and training programs

How to Contact

Email: RA-HSRefugeeProgram@pa.gov


Upper Darby Welcome Center

The Upper Darby Welcome Center was established in 2003. This innovative center satisfies a growing need in a township as diversified as Upper Darby. The Welcome Center, located at 7000 Walnut Street, is open Monday thru Friday and specializes in offering assistance with immigration questions, state and federal government services, citizenship applications, locating employment, and English as a Second Language. Services are also offered concerning legal advice, health insurance, and becoming a homeowner.

How to Contact

Raya K. Fagg, Director
Upper Darby Welcome Center
7000 Walnut Street
Upper Darby, PA 19082

Welcome Center for New Pennsylvanians

The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians connects newly arrived individuals from around the world with the economic opportunities that they need to succeed in our region. Since opening its doors in 2003, it has assisted more than 6,000 clients from more than 90 countries. The center believes that a steady influx of new customers, workers, and entrepreneurs can reinvigorate Pennsylvania's aging population, renew its neighborhoods, and re-energize our economy. By making Pennsylvania a magnet for immigrants, it will become a more vibrant, more creative, and more dynamic competitor in today's global economy. The Welcoming Center's Web site is www.welcomingcenter.org.